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Oxygen is the basis for human life. Humans can survive for a long time without any food, and for a short time without liquids, but oxygen is constantly necessary. The body cannot retain oxygen. Therefore patients who suffer from certain respiratory disorders need a permanent oxygen therapy.

In the case of decreased oxygen content (hypoxemia), arteries and vital organs have to be sufficiently supplied with oxygen. Hypoxemia results in breathing trouble and fatigue even after a moderate physical effort.

This is why supplementary oxygen is used in many medical sectors. Patients who can breathe autonomously are administered surrounding air which has been enriched with the help of oxygen concentrators, using nasal cannula or oxygen face masks.

Long-term oxygen therapy is not part of standard medical care in every country. The senice Ltd. Company is very engaged in promulgating this fundamental therapy in many countries of Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Therefore we put great value in cooperation with governmental departments, organizations and private companies of the health sector.